Free Eviction Notice

Free eviction notice – these terms may not be heard by all people, isn’t it? But if you are a landlord and you have a shop or a house which you have given on rent, and you are trying to vacate your property, then you need to give them an eviction notice. So, it is better to know about the free eviction notice in details.

How to find the best eviction notice for free

In order to find the eviction notice for your state, you simply need to search on your favorite search engine with the appropriate keywords – like Free Eviction Notice for CA or elsewhere. There are many different forms listed on these websites and all you need to do is find the appropriate form to suit your situation. You simply need to fill out these forms and then download or print them. In order to make things easier for you a description of the notice is included below it to clarify which one you need to use for a particular case. The contact information of the companies providing these free eviction notices is also given on the websites. Hence, if you are not able to understand which form to use in spite of the instructions given, then you can call them up and clarify the situation. Some of the companies providing the free notices also provide services to serve them. They have process servers delivering notices every day and they can usually deliver your notice within the same day itself.

Free Eviction NoticeThe different types of eviction notices

•    3 day notice to pay rent or vacate – residential

•    3 day notice to pay rent or move out – lease agreement tenancy

•    3 day notice to vacate

•    3 day notice to pay rent or quit – commercial

•    Declaration of service of notice to tenant

•    30/60 day notice to move out

•    Notice to enter dwelling unit

•    Notice of right to reclaim abandoned property under 700

•    Notice of right to reclaim abandoned property over 700

•    Notice to perform covenant or quit


Most dispossessions start with a 3 to 60 day notice. 3 day notices are usually in case of non payment of rent, but can also be served for other violations of the rental agreement. Some of these reasons include having pets without the landlord’s permission, collecting garbage on the premises, or disturbing the peace of the other tenants. In this situation also you can find  a Free Eviction Notice on the internet.

Usually a reason need not be included in a thirty day notice, but there are many exceptions to this general rule. If the agreement is under section 8 contracts or in a local jurisdiction that requires a good cause for the eviction then the notice will have to include a reason. You do not need to serve a notice when the tenancy has expired and it has not been converted to a month to month tenancy by the consent of the landlord.

After a foreclosure, evictions require a 3 day or 30 day notice, which depends on the status of the occupant  as the former owner or the tenant of the former owner.

Why free eviction notices are needed?

The law is a complicated subject and when writing an eviction notice you need to understand the nuances of the law. If you make a small single mistake in the language of the notice, it may give the recipient the right to drag you to court. This is the reason that an eviction notice has to be written carefully. However, most of the times a layman may not understand these nuances of the law and not be able to draft a notice which can ensure eviction. Of course a lawyer could draft the notice for you, but their charges can be exorbitant. This is the reason that it is best to opt for the free eviction notices available on different websites. With these pre written notices you can be assured that there will be no mistakes as they are usually written by legal experts.